api provides you make your app remotely.


    Description of working api system.

  1. Post your parameters to this link >
  2. If there are missing parameters in post, it will write "0".
  3. If you send Successfully your parametres, it will write as JSON like this {"packet_name":"", "onesignal_id":"laskhdKJGASD8723234", "onesignal_key":"LKHASDLASFA8293234LJKJ", "privacy_policy":"ıs8d9asd/asda89sd6asd.txt"} and you can get your data from that.
  4. Mandatory Parameters

  5. app_name_gir : "App Name", For example: 'My App'
  6. website_gir = "Website Name(Domain Name)", For example: ''
  7. email = "User Email" (Please write your costumer email here. Then whenever you want, you can take him/her data from us again.) For example: ''
  8. img_link = "İmage Link"(This should be link, so let your costumer upload an image to your server then send us that image link on your server : NOTE images should be PNG!). For example ''
  9. call_back_url = "This is callback link it means when your app request is complete, our system send you app package name as GET METHOD like this ?packet_name=$packet_name then you can understand which costumers app has be done.
  10. banner = "Costumers Banner Code(ADMOB)", For example: 'ca-app-pub-7910608881530145/3613390032'
  11. int = "Costumers Interstitial Code(ADMOB)", For example: 'ca-app-pub-7910608881530145/4704832629'
  12. ref_banner = "Your Banner Code(ADMOB)", For example: 'ca-app-pub-7910608881530145/8403833662'
  13. ref_int = "Your Interstitial Code(ADMOB)", For example: 'ca-app-pub-7910608881530145/5394526949'
  14. Optional Parameters

  15. send_notify = "It take 0 or 1. If you choose 1, After app is published on Google play. it send notification to all that user's app to new apps link automatically."(Default: 0)
  16. orientation = "It take 0 or 1 or 2" 0 means automatically, 1 is vertical, 2 is landscape.(Default: 0)
  17. ''.str_replace(".", "", $packet_name); You can create download link like this
  18. .



                                            $app_name_gir = $_POST['app_name_gir'];
                                            $website_gir = $_POST['website_gir'];
                                            $email = $_POST['email'];
                                            $img_link = $_POST['img_link'];
                                            $call_back_url = "this is this file link, for example";
                                            $banner = $_POST['banner'];
                                            $int = $_POST['int'];
                                            $ref_banner = $_POST['ref_banner'];
                                            $ref_int = $_POST['ref_int'];
                                            $notify = $_POST['notify'];   //Optional
                                            $orientation = $_POST['orientation'];  //Optional

                                            $ch = curl_init();
                                            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, "");
                                            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
                                            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
                                            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
                                            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, "app_name_gir=$app_name_gir&website_gir=$website_gir
                                            $contents = curl_exec($ch);
                                            $my_data = json_decode($contents,true);

                                            $packet_name = $my_data['packet_name'];  //THIS IS OUR RETURN PARAMETERS
                                            $onesignal_id = $my_data['onesignal_id']; //THIS IS OUR RETURN PARAMETERS
                                            $onesignal_key = $my_data['onesignal_key']; //THIS IS OUR RETURN PARAMETERS
                                            $privacy_policy = $my_data['privacy_policy']; //THIS IS OUR RETURN PARAMETERS
                                            You can do whatever you want here. You took packet name of app, onesignal id and onesignal key. You can save this data in your database to use .

                                            $packet_name = $_GET['packet_name'];
                                            $download_link = ''.str_replace(".","",$packet_name); //This is your download link. You can download your apk on this link.
                                            You can do whatever you want here. You took packet name of app which is ready to download. You can send mail to user which include apk download link.