Hello Guys.SYSTEM TOTALLY FREE, WE DONT TAKE ANY COMMISSION! Mobileappbooster is a mobile application maker system. Most probably most pratic one. You can monitize with admob. It takes 10 min to create a cool application. This system created by Gokhan Cava and it developing by Gokhan Cava. We described how to use this system with a video. Using this system is FREE.
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This system convert website to mobile application. When you do that, you can show your admob adds in your mobile application go to your Admob Configration section and makes your configration, REFERENCE LINK CONFIGRATIONS means your referance users apps include that add code, MY APP ADMOB CONFIGRATIONS means your app include that code, when you make app it has that code and your app renevue reflect on this code on admob. Then if you want to hide something on your website, you can cut your website page go to Cut website page section and you can watch education video to learn how to make that, and you can try your website work with our system or not. You can test your website page before create an application go to Test website and if you understand everything until this, you can create a mobile application go to Create application page and firstly upload your application icon which is PNG format. then continue write your app name, website link, then choose orientation and if you dont choose it is automatically take position, it is default. Then notify other apps section means When your app publish system send notification to your other all apps , this section make easy to download your new app inmediatelly other users who use your other apps can download your app. Also dont forget to copy your policy link which is given after you create an app in panel, to bottom of Google Play Market section. System has perfect it has all my experience, hopefully you can enjoy. Look at our contract Contract